Saturday, August 25, 2012

Well hello again !

So we meet again school! I have decided to join the Master's Of Leadership program, facilitated by Dana Monogue and Ryan Krohn.... Our first assignment was to pick a quote from  this video Leadership Video. We then had to share our "story line" of how we got "here" to this class and what our hopes and inspirations are for ourselves when we finish this program. My presentation Prezi focuses on my childhood and when looking back I was always a natural leader ( sometimes it may not have looked like "leadership", but that was my intention. While listening to my classmates present, I found myself reflecting on so much...leaders in my life, leaps I've taken, jobs I've interviewed for, people I've met, classes I've taught, and so much more. It's hard to put my storyline in such a small presentation.

Overall, I am here for a reason. I am excited about this journey and I KNOW I will blossom as the teacher, student, and leader that I was meant to be.

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